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Highland Park Bowl
Rochester, NY
August 21st

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Slice Of Napa
More Than Just Pizza
A Gourmet Pizzeria
Victor NY
Launched 04-12-06

St Helen Church Gates NY
Launched 03-22-2006

LAUNCHED 04-09-06

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for a great source of
GE Monogram appliances,
box lunches, coffee, art
and more in Victor NY
Launched March 2005

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Victor Auto Parts Page
Launched April 2005

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Field of Miracles
Don't Miss Out On...
The Joshua Revolution
Field Of Miracles
Frontier Field
Rochester, NY

August 18-20th 2006
Regional Transformation
Youth Event

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DEC 2004
^ Click image above ^ is a Christian resource center and business that makes money predominantly by way of paid advertising, web-developing, and photographic services .  When you want someone to find you and your treasure simply tell them to go to and our internal search engine will make it easy to find you using just a few details of input.  For instance....Let's say they only know your first name "Joe" and that you live near "Rochester" NY and you are selling a "truck. Tell them to go to and they are sure to find you based upon that information alone. 

Advertising With Us Overview

Our focus is providing "Christian Appropriate" resources and advertising.  This means that both Christian and non-Christian links may be found through this site. According to the Bible, Christians are not to be "of the world" but we are still "in the world".  Obviously Christians are involved in the world of commerce as much if not more than non-Christians.  We believe that collectively and individually the decisions we do and don't make matter in ways that go way beyond the things in the world.  As best we can, the staff at tries to consider what Jesus may want and may not want His church to be exposed to (WWJD). 

It is our intention to prevent anything that is not "Christian Appropriate" from popping up when you use our internal search engine.  We even go so far as to try and exclude any links that lead to links that could be inappropriate.  What I've found is that most of the most popular search engines searching the world wide web still come up with websites and images that are not "Christian Appropriate" even with the strictest filtering that they offer that is supposed to prevent it.  We don't expect to be perfect in keeping everything out that should be found from our site but our efforts will help to add another level of filtering that should serve to sanctify your online experience with us and through us.  For some, perhaps, our site will become like a lighthouse in the midst of the storm.  We encourage all our visitors to submit as many "Christian Appropriate"  links for our approval that they wish.    All approved links should be placed on our site within three days from the time we receive them.  So enjoy surfing and
May God bless all.

Terms Last Updated: 12-05-2005

1> First have something you want / need to sell or something you want to advertise content that is suitable for our site and in a way that is Christian appropriate.

2> Agree with our terms of service on our site.

3> Decide what type of listing is best for you and submit payment that is associated to the advertising option that best suits your need.

4> Provide us with as much information you can in order for us to help you best as you go through the steps in filling out our membership agreement. 

Helping to set a higher standard for what we find on the web
The Link Lines themselves always connect to what our members prefer however we have no intention of facilitating advertising for that which we find to be inappropriate, deceptive or illegal. As an aside and perhaps an even more important aspect to that which we hope to provide and accomplish through our services is contributing to a "Christian Appropriate" environment suitable for children of all ages. Although we can't ensure we can be 100% effective in this effort we would hope to have the help & support of our visitors and advertisers in achieving this objective by keeping us informed of anything they think may be "questionable" in nature.'s promises of service to you

 We will be responsible for providing continually improving instructions and features that will make our site / your site a favorite place to travel to on the internet, maintain a fully functional / multifunctional main link line linking code to make appropriate hyperlinks from our website to your website, e-mail, or other information.   We will input any information both public and non public that could help folks find your "Link Line" on our site once they arrive.  If we fail in any way in doing this we promise to work diligently and to the best of our ability
to correct our errors in a fair and  timely manner.

 Responsibilities of Advertisers and/or Affiliates

 In compliance with this Agreement, has the right at its discretion to review your website at any time to determine if you're in compliance with the terms of this Agreement. may terminate the agreement we have with you (with any applicable refunds or credits) at any time and with notice if we determine that you are advertising unlawful, or inappropriate goods, services, or merchandise from our site. This may include but is not limited to spamming or promoting a different offer from your site that fit these conditions.  In addition we are not limited in seeking damages whether direct or indirect should the actions or behaviors on the part of vistors and or our advertisers  prove to be adversely affecting our business.


Term of the Agreement

 The term of this agreement will begin mutual agreement and payment of any appropriate fees and will end when terminated by either party.


This clause is predominately in the case that we find what we believe to be inappropriate information being advertised from our site.  We may also modify any of the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement at any time in our sole discretion. You'll be notified by email and a change notice will be posted on our site. Modifications may include, but are not limited to, changes in the scope of available commissions, payment schedules and/or procedures, and Affiliate Program rules. If any modification is unacceptable to you, your best recourse is to terminate this Agreement.  In addition following our posting of a change notice or new agreement on our site will constitute binding acceptance of change with the exception of any change related to our fees.


All services provided by are "as is". We make no representation or warranty that the operation of the our website will be uninterrupted or error free however promise to be reasonable and proactive in our response to the best of our ability should any problem arise.

 Use of the Logo's, Trademarks and intellectual property.


Simple!!! If it's ours don't use it without having our permission first. Unless otherwise stated assume it is ours.

 Membership Fees and Non Tax Deductable Donations

 We accept payments by way of check or money orders made out to:

Made Out To:

 then mail it to:
50 W. Main St 
Victor, NY 14564.

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